Affordable spraying of metal profile cladding

The façades of many commercial buildings and halls are covered in metal profile cladding. The advantages and extensive possibilities offered by metal façade sheets and panels means they are widely used in warehouses, offices and other commercial buildings. Over the years, these materials can deteriorate due to the weather. The metal profile cladding can be affected by weather, such as by UV radiation causing the cladding to become discoloured.

Does the coating of your current metal profile cladding need urgent replacement? Or do you want to refresh the entire building with a new colour? REMMERS specialises in the production of premium metal profile cladding coatings. We work with recognised and certified coating specialists, to guarantee a high-quality result. Coating your metal profile cladding is cheaper and more effective than replacing the entire metal profile cladding system. And after painting, your metal profile cladding will look as good as new!


Add value to your business property

Metal profile cladding can be exposed to different weather conditions and show signs of wear and tear over the years. Corrosion often plays a big role in this.

To extend the life of your façade, the application of a professional coating is highly recommended. The result will be that your walls will look like new again, without needing to replace the metal profile cladding. In other words, a great price-quality ratio, with a positive impact on the market value of your property.

Efficient & simple

Unlike traditional painting, spraying metal profile cladding is a very fast process. Your business premises will therefore soon be rid of any unsightly scaffolding. Our industrial coatings are designed to be applied with an airless sprayer. And whether the surface is 500 m² or 5,000 m², any size of surface can be sprayed.

Our metal profile cladding coating is high quality and extremely durable. In fact, the average lifespan of metal profile cladding coating is 10 years, which makes spraying a cheaper option than replacement.


We only work with recognised coating specialists

Remmers only works with recognised and reliable coating specialists. These specialists receive regular training from Remmers, and they also have all the correct equipment. Therefore, as a customer, you are always assured of the best result.


Your partner for total renovation

At Remmers, we take a holistic approach to all our renovation projects. By tackling not only the symptoms, but also what’s behind them, we can always provide a sustainable solution for your building. For example, we appreciate the importance of an aesthetic finish, but we will also take a close look at the building’s foundations.

And this same approach applies to every one of our metal profile cladding coating projects. Before applying a new coat of paint, waterproofing is reapplied to every detail. The roof connection is also sealed to prevent water and moisture getting inside. We can also deal with dents in the metal sheets. Our specialists will remove them professionally. We can also apply an extra protective layer so your concrete remains protected for a long time.

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The advantages of metal profile cladding coating

Discover how metal profile cladding coating adds value to commercial real estate and commercial properties.

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