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Well over half a century of experience, expertise and innovation in the waterproofing of buildings characterise Remmers to this day. The development of new technologies has always been one of the company’s core activities and a vital driver of its success. Now, with MB PUReactive, we are starting a new chapter: making it even safer, easier and more cost‑effective than ever to waterproof flat roofs. As a PU hybrid, MB PUReactive combines the best of multiple worlds to create a roof waterproofing product with exceptional capabilities. MB PUReactive is as cost-effective as sheet waterproofing, but can also be used effortlessly around joints and material transitions thanks to its excellent adhesion and flexibility. And what’s more, it satisfies the highest performance classes of ETAG 005.

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Flat roofs often occupy an exposed position and are subjected to water loads due to the way they are designed. This makes them one of most heavily stressed parts of a building. The challenges are not just limited to rainwater, but also include extreme temperature differences and complex physical interactions with the indoor climate of the rooms beneath them. On top of this, flat roofs have to withstand mechanical loads, namely tension caused by the expansion, shrinkage and bending of the structure. And as if that weren’t enough already, these days flat roofs are often converted into “green roofs”, covered with solar panels or used as extra living space. This explains why flat roof waterproofing has to meet the very highest demands. The individual nature of many flat roof constructions and their specific usage profile also pose particular challenges for planners and builders. The type of insulation, the layer construction, the associated structural physics, the fire protection, drainage, and – last but not least – the roof waterproofing all have to be considered, selected and executed with great care. We can help with this!


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