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Your benefits with the Remmers System Guarantee

Wooden windows and doors


No renovation coatings for 10 years

Remmers System Guarantee

The Induline Premium-Coating systems create elegant and extremely durable surfaces that keep wooden windows and door looking like new for a long time.

And because we are certain of this, we offer the Remmers System Guarantee.

With the RSG we guarantee:

No renovation coatings for at least 10 years

The RSG offers the following benefits

The Remmers System Guarantee is much more than just a 10 years guarantee on all wooden windows and doors coated with Induline.

The RSG is a complete quality assurance concept.
The official issue of the RSG seal automatically creates an active quality assurance for window manufacturing companies and their workforce. All production processes are recorded and documented precisely. As an end consumer, you can be certain that your house or building is equipped with high-quality wooden windows and doors.

  • RSG 10 guarantees that no restoration coatings are necessary
  • Active quality assurance for window manufacturing companies and their workforce
  • All production processes are documented and recorded precisely
  • Consistent training of all participating employees
  • Inclusion of the end consumer in the care of wooden windows
  • Careful preparatory planning thanks to decades of experience of Remmers


The documented quality guarantee keeps you on the safe side

Benefits for the building owner

The combination of the Remmers System Guarantee (RSG) and the high-quality coating system Induline offers a series of benefits for you as a building owner and/or contractor.

Because you get exactly what you need: Security. A specialist company certified by Remmers that can pass on the Remmers System Guarantee to its customer is subject to regular inspections. Also, the executive company is committed to meeting the works regulations. And you can have this in writing.

  • The RSG may only be carried out by certified and specially trained specialist companies
  • Induline coating systems correspond to the currently valid regulations and are the state of the art
  • Quality mark for perfect planning of the technical services
  • Verifiable quality thanks to exact execution documentation
  • No follow-up costs for the building owner (except care agent)
  • System with dual security: The plausibility of the execution plan is checked and the execution company has a duty to comply with the specified works regulations.

* Only the conditions of the Remmers System Guarantee apply. Download the conditions here.

Guarantee conditions