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Article No. 081901

Banding for DS Protect

Article No. 082301

Highly durable, 3-layer protective sheet with decoupling function

Article No. 073881

Additive for modifying the flowability of Silicone AFM

Article No. 081405

Cream-like, solvent-containing protective bitumen coating

Article No. 072505

Aqueous deep primer with strengthening and hydrophobising properties

Article No. 081801

Clip for DS Protect and DS Protect AL

Article No. 072755

Solvent-free silane cream for horizontal barriers against rising damp in masonry

Article No. 082405

Solvent-free bitumen emulsion

Article No. 087210

Solvent-free, polymer-modified 1K bituminous thick coating with polystyrene

Article No. 073601

Pourable, two-component silicone casting compound that cures at room temperature

Article No. 078825

Mineral stone replacement mortar

Article No. 068505

Aqueous, semi-permanent impregnation agent on an alkylalkoxysilane/wax base for protection against graffiti

Article No. 065705

Thinner for stone strengtheners

Article No. 064605

Solvent-free stone strengthener on a silicic acid ester base with an additional hydrophobizing effect

Article No. 061605

Swelling inhibitor for natural stone with a clay/mineral structure

Article No. 063905

Clear, hydrophobising impregnation for concrete

Article No. 055625

High-strength, swellable infill concrete

Article No. 051925

Rapid setting, feltable adhesive and repair mortar