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Article No. 105020

Capillary active, climate-regulating plaster, in particular for mould control

Article No. 108425

Fibre-reinforced PCC/SPCC (RM/SRM) for the static repair of concrete structures

Article No. 106425

Swellable, high-strength grout

Article No. 108625

PCC I (RM) Concrete replacement mortar for repairing concrete structures/screed mortar

Article No. 108705

Mineral corrosion protection and bonding layer

Article No. 109625

Fibre-reinforced PCC (RM) for static repair of concrete structures

Article No. 107205

Mineral primer with highly strengthening effect

Article No. 102825

Machine-workable jointing mortar with high sulphate resistance for embedding spiral anchors

Article No. 106005

Chlorine-free misting concentrate for reducing spore levels in contaminated rooms

Article No. 106325

Fast-acting, swellable grout

Article No. 108225

Mineral-based bonding layer

Article No. 102725

Cement-lime jointing mortar for new buildings

Article No. 104625

Cement-free joint mortar

Article No. 101925

Trass-lime cement jointing mortar, pore hydrophobic

Article No. 109306

Fast repair mortar

Article No. 210005

Liquid preservative concentrate for preventing dry rot in masonry work

Article No. 253113

Special coating for mineral substrates based on pure acrylate

Article No. 280905

Filling compound and surface filler