Your advantages of Aqua ML-69/sm-Multi-Lack 3in1 at a glance:

  • Primer, intermediate & finishing coat
  • For metal, plastic, wood, radiators etc.
  • Corrosion protection
  • Insulating against wood constituents
  • Good edge coverage
  • Very low soiling tendency
  • Brush, roller, spray
  • Wide range of colours
  • Excellent weather resistance


Water-based all-rounder for high-quality results

Remmers developed Aqua ML-69/sm 3 in 1 Multi-Purpose Varnish for the professional applicator. A real all-rounder, applicable on metal surfaces, such as iron, (galvanized) steel, non-anodized aluminium and zinc. But also metal parts such as fences, window frames, railings, rain pipes and trapezoidal sheets can be treated optimally with Aqua ML-69/sm 3 in 1 Multi-Purpose Varnish. Metal cladding, radiators, hard plastics such as hard PVC, PUR, acrylic & melamine resin are just a few examples that demonstrate the versatility of the product. The tested corrosion protection and the insulating effect against wood components make Aqua ML-69/sm 3 in 1 Multi-Purpose Varnish a "must have" for the professional. The fast drying and paintability of this varnish follow the many advantages that the products from the 3in1 family already offer. The primer, intermediate and topcoat come out of one pot, which saves time and money. The Multi Purpose Varnish is available in micashell variants for authentic metal coatings. In addition, an infinite variety of colours (e.g. RAL and NCS) is available through the Remmers mix tinting concept in the paint wholesale trade.


For gutters and downpipes

For metal sheet piling and facades

For pipes and profiles made of hard PVC

For wooden facades and soffits

For exterior wooden components

For plastic gates

For roller shutters made of plastic

As corrosion protection

For radiators or similar

The one-pot coating system for metals, hard plastics and wood

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