From a one-man show to a strong medium-sized company

We create, protect and maintain value

The Remmers Group was founded by Bernhard Remmers in 1949, and has remained an independent family-owned company to the present day. The specialist for manufacturer of chemical construction products, wood paints and lacquers, as well as industrial lacquers, with over 1,500 highly qualified specialists, more than 400 problem-solving product systems and decades of expertise in the most important competence fields of the industry.

We offer real added value when working with national and international partners. As far as safe systems, professional competence and made-to-measure customer service goes, Remmers is the leading brand.

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Partnerships in an international network

Thinking outside the box means we are not limited by any boundary

From Germany out into the world. We work in an industry where the markets are becoming increasingly global, customers and business partners are thinking more internationally, and product and project requirements are no longer bound by national borders. Remmers recognised this potential early on.

Today our exports are growing by more than 35% in 30 countries throughout Europe. We provide our expertise, product solutions and services to customers through to their place of residence and workplace.

Knowing more means you are capable of more

The Remmers Group is active in a wide range of different markets. Our products range from building, wood and floor production through to industrial coating systems. Our customers are craftsmen and women, planners, trade organisations or even building owners. Our portfolio comprises individual product applications and also the entire design and realisation of a construction project or an industrial painting line.

We meet these complex requirements by forming competence teams: We exchange and transfer know-how with the Bernhard Remmers Academy. Integrated project business with the Remmers specialist planning. Analysis and certifications with the Bernhard Remmers Institute of Analytics. And of course product and system solutions under the umbrella brand Remmers.

The Bernhard Remmers Academy came about as an initiative of the trade, the German Foundation for Monument Conservation and the founder Bernhard Remmers. We provide added value services with our innovative training concepts that comply with all norms and guide lines and also the unique opportunity to develop profitable networks - knowledge builds strength. Networked knowledge. Knowledge creates values.

Reliable products and system solutions, and also other factors play a decisive role, particularly in large projects. Our highly qualified employees in the Remmers specialist planning department are on call to offer help, be it analysis, design support or the final realisation. Of course, we also take the latest national and international guide lines into account and address your individual needs.

An independent accredited laboratory guarantees the absolute neutrality of the analyses and certifications. The analytic services and state-of-the-art examination methods applied by the BRIfA include e.g. wood, mineral building materials, coatings, paints and lacquers. The range of customers is just as diverse: private customers, architects, manufacturers or pubic institutes.

We create practical solutions from innovative ideas

To be able to provide really innovative and marketable solutions, we employ more than 80 specialists in our research and development departments, who work every day on developing forward-thinking and environmentally-friendly and resource-saving product systems: for reliable and durable protection of structural components, buildings and surfaces.

Our competence centres have state-of-the-art machines and systems to allow simulation of the entire production process under real conditions. The technical centre also has spacious customer, service and training rooms to allow full customer orientation.

The quality of flooring, in particular in rooms used commercially or areas subject to frequent use, is a decisive factor of success. No compromises should every be made, especially with respect to health and safety, and its durability. Remmers has a wide range of protection and decoration solutions.

The natural material wood plays a central role in the living space and the working world of many of our customers. From an early stage, Remmers’ products and systems aimed to provide natural protection to wood used for building. Today, we develop a wide range of protective and decorative solutions in the shape of high-quality coating systems.

When the leading European supplier of construction chemical products takes on new competence fields and highly qualified experts start focussing on industrial surface technology, the result is highly promising for the future. We develop these precise mixes with our customers with the help of our application and drying experts.

Logistics concepts that are closely interfaced with production

To ensure that quality is available quickly

Due to the strong growth and the rise in customer requirements, Remmers has expanded its integrated logistics system making it one of the company’s core competences. All processes, from the procurement of raw materials through production up to and including warehousing and distribution have all been optimised and finely tuned to each other. The result is a concept that allows the delivery of individually ordered and produced products regardless of location within a very short time. In the new integrated logistics concept, all processes are optimised and aligned to future quantity growth. This 24 h logistics concept, which is unique in the industry (within 24 hours from the receipt of the order through to delivery), has proven highly successful in Germany and some neighbouring countries. We will continue to expand our headstart throughout Europe.

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Made-to-measure services based on customer proximity

A connection by people for people

Effective decision processes, short delivery times and customer proximity are the secret of our services. With more than 400 specialist representatives and application engineers throughout Europe, Remmers has the most dense network for competent on-site support.

The service teams have many years of experience and are specially trained with respect to market and customer needs. Be it for craftsmen or women or planners, or technical or project-specific support - we rely on close personal relationships and form long-term partnerships on equal terms. We provide integrated support, also with respect to product use, concept planning, laws and regulations, technological innovations and new design trends.

The history of our company

Everything started in a draughty garage. Whilst Germany was slowly being rebuilt after the war, Bernhard Remmers founded his company in the town of Löningen in Lower Saxony. Right from the start he sought personal contact with his customers and suppliers, recognised problems on buildings at an early stage and slowly built his operation into an international company with subsidiaries throughout Europe.