Concrete repair & protection

Nothing is forever

Despite the high quality and special qualities of concrete, damage can occur that requires maintenance, repair and protection. A distinction must be made between environmental influences and production faults with respect to concrete damage. Environmental influences can include exhaust fumes, acid rain, frost and de-icing salts. Here, the chemical properties are changed so that the steel reinforcements in the concrete start to rust. Shrinkage cracks, pipes, gravel pockets and insufficient concrete cover are typical production faults that also promote corrosion of the reinforcements.

Due to the wide range of potential causes of the damage and the damage profiles on reinforced concrete structures, different repair principles have been practised for many years. These are documented in the guidelines ‘Protection and repair of concrete parts (repair guide lines’ by the German Committee for Reinforced Concrete (DAfStb) and the Euro norm series EN 1504 (in Germany DIN EN 1504) ‘Products and systems for the protection and repair of concrete structures’.

The correct planning (structure design and details) and also the selection of building materials and careful construction all have a huge impact on the durability of a construction work.

The DIN EN 1504-3 regulates concrete repair systems for load-bearing and non-load-bearing concrete structures. Expert planners and architects must assess the object-related case. The decisive point here is the structural stability within the defined life period of the construction work.

High-quality impregnations or crack-bridging coatings by Remmers increase the protection of the concrete against the penetration of moisture, CO² and salts that affect the reinforcement.

A lot of damage to concrete structures occurs as a result of cracks and cavities that allow pollutants to penetrate the structure. These damaging influences impair the function of the concrete and thereby considerably reduce the load bearing capacity of the construction work.

Concrete protection

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Article No. 108425

Fibre-reinforced PCC/SPCC (RM/SRM) for the static repair of concrete structures

Article No. 687101

Highly flexible 2K PU injection resin, D-I (P)

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Flexible, moisture-reactive 1K PU injection resin, D-I (P)

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Primer with hydrophobic effect

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Highly elastic facade coating

Article No. 072005

Solvent-free stone strengthener on a silicic acid ester base

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Two-component corrosion protection for reinforcement steel in concrete repairs

Article No. 091901

Corrosion inhibition additive for Betofix RM/Betofix R2

Article No. 108725

Mineral corrosion protection and bonding layer

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Solvent-free, 2-component epoxy resin

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Fast-acting grout

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Swellable, high-strength grout