Repair systems

Time is money - not only when things need to be completed really quickly

Time is money - not only when things need to be completed quickly. The concrete repair systems by Remmers can be used to protect against corrosion and coat everything in just one day. It is not worth travelling to a building twice to carry out a small repair job on e.g. balcony tiles or railings. It is therefore essential to have a fast product system that works with a few matched products and, at the same time, has very good workability characteristics.

Repair systems

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Article No. 072005

Solvent-free stone strengthener on a silicic acid ester base

Article No. 092084

Two-component corrosion protection for reinforcement steel in concrete repairs

Article No. 091901

Corrosion inhibition additive for Betofix RM/Betofix R2

Article No. 090084

Solvent-free, 2-component epoxy resin

Article No. 108225

Mineral-based bonding layer

Article No. 106325

Fast-acting, swellable grout

Article No. 106425

Swellable, high-strength grout

Article No. 055625

High-strength, swellable infill concrete

Article No. 055425

Swellable packing mortar

Article No. 109225

Fast repair mortar

Article No. 109306

PCC (RM) fast repair mortar for repairing concrete structures

Article No. 109625

Fibre-reinforced PCC (RM) for static repair of concrete structures

Article No. 100806

PCC fine filler

Article No. 109425

Fast-acting, high-strength PCC screed mortar