Sacrificial render

Dehumidification and desalination to preserve the building material

If there are extremely high levels of salts, we recommend reducing the salt levels in the areas close to the surface, as an alternative to permanent single or dual-layer restoration render systems, working with sacrificial renders, also called compress renders.

Depending on the type and quantity of the salt, this kind of render can last many years. Sacrificial renders are real dehumidification renders, and are breathable and capillary-active.


With a pore volume in excess of 60%, Remmers compress render has a much higher pore volume than salt storing renders in general. In contrast to Restoration Render, there are no water-repellent properties to ensure dehumidification and desalination. The compress render therefore has plenty of space to store salts and/or transport moisture. This means that the time of the ‘sacrifice’ can be delayed as far as possible. Remmers compress render is also suitable for repairing moist and salt-damaged wall murals.