Swelling reduction

Slow down weathering with a unique impregnation

Lots of natural stones contain swelling capable clay minerals. These are usually phyllosilicates whose structure is similar to that of a book. Even when there is little moisture, their electrochemical ‘magnetic’ effect means that they are able to store and also discharge water in their intermediate layers, like on the pages of a book.

In this process, the layer packages are pressed apart and/or are drawn together like a concertina again as the moisture is discharged. Destructive stress is caused within the stone structure. This damage process involves hygric swelling and shrinking. The Antihygro swelling reducer uses the principle of ‘deactivating’ the clay minerals. The positively charged metal ions that are responsible for the ‘magnetic effect’ in the intermediate coats are ‘blocked’ when treated with Antihygro. The result is a considerable reduction of the hygric swelling, although the other stone-typical parameters remain unchanged.

The efficiency is further increased thanks to a water-repellent after-treatment with Remmers impregnation agents or silicone resin varnishes. In particular, the absorption of fluid water is reduced by up to 95% by the water-repellent coat on the surface. This water is therefore no longer available to trigger the hygric swelling.

Swelling reduction

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Swelling inhibitor for natural stone with a clay/mineral structure