Opaque of transparent - alternative to a hydrophobizing

Alternatively to hydrophobizing, the water-repellence of the façade can also be achieved using a silicone resin coating or a less visible silicone resin finish - this is even common in some regions. Of course, this changes the character of a façade and is a highly effective and easy-care possibility, in some cases the only way, to protect masonry from moisture.

Over recent decades, many buildings were protected against the weather with silicone resin systems, for different reasons. Covering systems, in some cases even varnishes, were used on many treated brick façades. Full transparency cannot be reached here. Highly breathable silicone resin paints or grouts always have the same ‘semi-transparent’ character requiring careful dosing of pigments. However, the façade can be made ‘alive’ in a way that is not possible with a covering paint system.


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