Crack repairs

The Remmers spiral anchor system - simple and durable

Cracks in the brickwork must be repaired, regardless of their cause. The Remmers spiral anchor system is used to connect parts of the masonry to each other simply and highly efficiently, so that the brickwork is strong again. The spiral anchors only represent a small intervention into the damaged masonry, because they can be installed into the joints. Even cracked stones can be used again. This is also one of the reasons why spiral anchors are widely accepted in the field of monument preservation. Cracks in façades and near lintels, openings or arches can be repaired successfully and efficiently.

  • Remove joint mortar

    Remove the horizontal joints of the masonry at a few predetermined places of equal length to the right and left of the crack about 6 cm deep.

  • Clean joints

    Clean the joint carefully of any loose and adhesion-inhibiting parts and pre-wet.

  • 1. mortar layer

    Apply a first layer of Spiral Anchor Mortar to the joints. Inject the mortar along the rear of the joint with the grouting gun.

  • Install a spiral anchor

    Press the spiral anchor into the mortar with a jointing iron.

  • 2. mortar layer

    Apply a second layer of Spiral Anchor Mortar. Apply with grout gun and press with a jointing iron.

  • Fill cracks with grout

    Fill the crack to consolidate the structure. First, apply grout to the crack on the surface with a suitable
    backing Rod.

  • Fill the cracks with grout

    Close the crack from bottom to top under low pressure with Spiral Anchor Mortar.

  • Repair the cracks in the stone

    Carefully fill and seal cracks in the stone with RM restoration mortar.

  • New grouting

    Re-insert joints expertly Insert FM joint mortar, color matched to the old jointing.

Crack repairs

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Article No. 102825

Machine-workable jointing mortar with high sulphate resistance for embedding spiral anchors

Article No. 433101

Rolled, twisted spiral anchor with two threads made of austenitic stainless steel for repairing masonry

Article No. 103025

Machine-workable jointing mortar with high sulphate resistance for embedding spiral anchors