The right joint in the brickwork

Joints can make up to 20 % of the overall façade. Therefore, the form and colour of the joints have a decisive impact on the appearance. Also, the joints on the building have a technical function. Their physical, mechanical and especially moisture-related properties are decisive for the function and durability of a brick façade.

An intact joint network is a prerequisite for a façade that is resistant to driving rain. Penetrating moisture leads to a heavier frost load and a reduction in the thermal protection - both need to be avoided. Remmers joint mortars comprises a wide range of binding agent systems, grains and strengths, and selection options with respect to colour and hydrophilic or hydrophobic properties. They can therefore be selected to meet the individual application and requirements.

Remmers brick grout pointing

Remmers brick pointing primarily comprises of two elements:

  • Replacement joints with a fine-grain sulphate-resistant hardened mortar without having to remove the old joints.
  • Making the façade water-repellent
The grouted joint stands out thanks to very good quality of the mortar and the special application technique, through excellent and durable adhesion with the joint sides.The method is extremely efficient because there is no need to remove the old joint - which also means that there is no time wasted chiselling or cutting out the joints. Also, there is no damage to the edges of the stones. In contrast to conventional pointing, little effort is needed to apply the mortar to the joints. Another advantage: even narrow joints and small cracks are closed flush to the mortar. The final result: About 25% time and costs savings compared to conventional new grouting, plus better durability.

  • Pre-impregnation

    Apply Funcosil SNL in a flow coating method using a pressure-free sprayer.

  • Application of the grout

    After about four days, apply FM / FS / (joint slurry) over the entire surface with a rubber trowel. Remove excess material.

  • Compacting and levelling

    Then compress and smooth the grout with a red sponge float.

  • Clean afterwards

    Clean the surface with a slit sponge float (in a diagonal direction) approx. 30 to 60 minutes after application.

  • Final cleaning

    In the early phase of curing, carry out the final cleaning with clean water.

  • Post impregnation

    After 8 days, impregnate the entire dry façade with Funcosil SNL.


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