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Protection against driving rain

Reliable and durable against moisture

Reliable protection for dry brickwork

Water plays a central role in the weathering of mineral building materials. The purpose of a hydrophobic impregnation is to significantly reduce the capillary water absorption, e.g. where areas are exposed to rain or splashwater. It is a sensible damage-preventing (prophylactic) measure, if the capillary absorption of precipitation or splashwater is the underlying cause of damage or if it leads to an acceleration of any existing damage. With a reduction of the moisture content, improvement is made to the heat insulation of the façade brickwork. A Funcosil hydrophobic impregnation allows you to protect brickwork against damage and save valuable energy.

Regardless of the composition of the active ingredient, the effect of hydrophobizing impregnation aims to reduce the adhesive forces between the pore walls and penetrating water molecules. By reducing the interaction, the capillary suction that normally exists is decreased. The range and properties of an hydrophobic agent based on organosilicon is very large. The chosen material should therefore be matched to the requirements of the substrate. In the past, hydrophobic agents were always liquid and were only suitable for weakly absorbent bricks. Remmers has solved this problem with the Funcosil FC cream technology that gives all surfaces the time it needs to absorb the necessary protective active ingredient.


Water resistance and vapour permeability

What is hydrophobizing?

A thin glass tube is placed into a basin of water. Capillary forces will cause the water in the glass tube to rise. If the glass tube is made hydrophobic, the effect is reversed and the water is no longer ‘absorbed’ but is pushed out.

As this is the result of only one nanoscale molecular layer of the Funcosil impregnation in the walls of the pores, the transportation of vapour is practically unrestricted. It does not compromise the diffusion capability.

Protection against driving rain

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