Scumble coat

The alternative to moisture

As an alternative to a hydrophobizing impregnation, the façade can also be made water-repellent through coating the surface with Remmers silicone resin paint system. The outstanding property of the silicone resin paints is its micro-pore structure. A vapour diffusion resistance coefficient of around 150 is reached. This corresponds to an Sd-value that is much lower than 0.10 m. This means that they are equivalent to conventional single-component silicate paints. The capillary water uptake of our silicone resin paints achieves the low value of 0.035 kg/(m² x h0.5). This offers optimum protection against driving rain far above anything offered by silicate paints. Compared to other paint systems, Remmers silicone resin paints have excellent weathering stability. These properties and the optical adaptation possibilities for the most varied requirements make it possible to make the water-resistant properties as different as the "problems" with different natural stone types, such as tuff, dolomite or very open limestone.


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Deep primer with waterproofing and consolidating effect

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Semi-scumbling, "true" silicone resin paint