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Replacement & repair of stucco

Still a skilled manual task today

Stucco elements lend renders a special finish. They stand for elegant and traditional workmanship. Building façades decorated with stucco dominate many historical cityscapes. Stucco is not just opulent plastic baroque or Rococo ornamental finishing, it can also be e.g. a simple cornice, window jambs, pilaster strips and similar.

When producing stucco, a differentiation is made between traditional cornices created on site, and stucco profiles and ornaments pre-fabricated in the workshop. Remmers has solutions for both production procedures that reliably meet modern requirements with respect to workability, speed and durability.

Replacement and repair of stucco

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Article No. 022001

Mortar improver based on an aqueous polymer dispersion

Article No. 051125

Quick hardening mortar for sculpting stucco mouldings

Article No. 051225

Fast-setting mortar for finely textured surface decoration on new and old stucco