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Reworking of old render

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It is often not necessary to completely remove the old render even if it has a few cracks. In cases like this, it has proven expedient to rework the façade with thin-layer renders. To ensure that existing cracks do not return, steps must be taken to ensure that the causes of the cracks are no longer active. If this is the case, the causes of the cracks must be remedied before restoring the render. To ensure that the cracks do not return, the restoration render system contains reinforcements in the shape of a fibre glass fabric. The combination of Remmers composite mortar as a reinforcing render and Remmers composite mortar S as a feltable top render has proven expedient for repairing cracked exterior renders for many years. If the render is not cracked, but its surface is damaged, weathered or unsightly, Remmers fine render can be used as a cover, as an alternative to composite mortar S.

Reworking of old render

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