Color SA plus

Naturally antiseptic with micro-silver technology

Color SA plus is not just a forward-thinking problem-solver for rooms infested with mould, the coating is also ideal for all areas where a healthy and hygienic room climate needs to be created (kindergartens, schools, nursing homes and hospitals or care centres). Color SA plus is breathable, free of solvents and ‘non-flammable’, and is distinguished by its high abrasion resistance, excellent hiding power and outstanding processing properties. In addition to its sustainable antimicrobial effectiveness, another important feature of Mould Protect Color SA plus is the fact that the paint is safe for use and does not impact on the indoor climate.

Advantages of Color SA plus

  • Mould-resistant thanks to micro-silver technology
  • Anti-condensation effect thanks to micro-bubbles
  • Free of fogging-active substances
  • Improves room hygiene
  • Breathable
  • Durable and scrub proof (wet wear class 2)
  • High hiding power (Class 2 pursuant to DIN EN 13300)
  • Free of solvents and plasticisers
  • Low-odour
  • Environmentally and health friendly


Color SA Plus

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Article No. 298405

High quality, low-emission interior wall paint with micro-silver as a film preserver for protection against fungal attack