Remmers iQ-Therm 30

Mould-free and heat-insulating

iQ-Therm 30 combines the benefits of highly efficient, organic insulating material, with the absorbent properties of a mineral mortar. iQ-Therm 30 is streamlined, moisture regulating and highly heat-insulating, which makes it our most powerful mould restoration system. To avoid mould infestation, the so-called ‘Hygienic minimum heat insulation’ needs to be created at every point on indoor surfaces, i.e. according to the definition of the DIN 4108, the indoor minimum surface temperature must be at least 12.6°C and the relative humidity on the wall surface may not exceed 70%. Mould infestation growth is no longer possible with iQ-Therm 30. The moisture that is responsible for mould infestation is absorbed by the capillarity of the system where it is stored temporarily before being dissipated again quickly and effectively when the humidity is low. Specific points of moisture near heat bridges can be practically ruled out with iQ-Therm 30. Perfect mould restoration comprises iQ-Therm boards that are just 30 mm thick and the highly capillary-conductive special filler iQ-Top SLS. The result is reliable hygienic minimum heat protection in a streamlined form and a clearly improved living quality.

Product advantages

  • Ensures hygienic heat insulation
  • Guarantees no mould growth
  • Extremely thin and effective
  • High thermal insulation, Lambda = 0.031 W/(mK)
  • Practically free surface decoration with breathable wall coating systems are possible
  • Saves energy costs and protects the environment
  • Positive ecological footprint according to EPD norm, which means it is recognised in Europe

System structure

1. Pretreatment

On small areas, < 0.5 m², it is enough to simply kill the infestation with Mould Stop. On larger areas, > 0.5 m², contaminated wall building materials are removed after pre-treating with a spore binding agent.

2. iQ-Fix

After pre-treating the surface, apply a coat of iQ-Fix crosswise across the entire surface - both on the board and also on the wall.

3 iQ-Therm 30

After applying iQ-Fix jointlessly, attach and align the iQ-Therm 30 immediately. Avoid cross joints.

4. iQ-Top SLS

Apply two-layers of capillary-conductive special filler with a fabric insert on the iQ-Therm 30 boards.

5. iQ-Fill Q4

Optional final coat - for fine, closed surfaces (up to Q4) - with open-capillary filler.

6. iQ-Paint

Final coating with capillary-open wall paint.


iQ Therm 30

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