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Car park systems

Surface protection systems with great functionality, design and safety in mind

Sustainable solutions on all levels

Today’s car parks must be extremely durable and robust so that their use is guaranteed for many years. Due to the daily exposure, car park and parking deck surfaces are subject to heavy, thermal and chemical loads which wear out and eventaully become damaged or destroyed over time. The loads are caused by, among other things, the penetration of water and, in winter, de-icing salts. In addition, the vehicles also increase the CO₂ concentration due to their exhaust gases. When concretes surfaces are driven over, vibrations are created leading to fine cracks. This allows pollutants to penetrate more easily and create faster damage to the reinforcement steel and concrete.

We supply tested and long-standing, proven surface protection systems for this extreme usage. Remmer systems are not just used in new construction buildings, but also for restoration and repair projects where they are often the most sustainable solution for protecting the concrete structure. That is why we not only offer our certified products, but we also support you with analysis and advice for your repair project so that the concept represents a sustainable solution on all levels.

National and international references verify the durability of the Remmers surface protection systems.

Car park systems

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Transparent priming and mortar resin

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