Conductive systems

The perfect starting point for relaxed working in highly sensitive application areas

The safe way to discharge voltage

Today, the protection of electronic parts is not just a priority in the electronics industry. The reason for this is increasingly more and more sensitive components are being used in industry, a good example of this is the automotive industry. The Remmers ESD flooring systems address these requirements and meet the ESD standards.

In addition, the industry demands the combination of conductive and conducting floor areas because resistance, slip resistance, chemical and mechanical loading bearing all paly an important role.

This means that the systems offer the perfect starting point for safer working in highly sensitive application areas.

Conductive systems

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Transparent priming and mortar resin

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Hard grain coating

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Self-adhesive copper tape

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Water-based transverse conducting layer

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Conductive coating

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ESD-compliant coating

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Dissipative, chemically resistant, crack-bridging coating

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Pigmented primer and base layer

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Dissipative, pigmented sealant