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Floor coats made of polyurethane and epoxy resin have long since become state-of-the-art in industrial operations, in particular thanks to their high loading capacity and time-efficient installation. Today, the extremely resistant floors are used in commercial, public and private buildings, because many of these new areas of application profit from the decorative components of a decorative floor. They can be customized in detail with respect to colour and structure. The floor systems offer totally new, unprecedented design possibilities for architects, contractors and clients.

In commercial spaces, e.g. food outlets and fashion boutiques, and in representative areas such as offices, conference rooms and foyers, a decorative floor system creates a pleasant work and feel-good atmosphere by means of optimum walking comfort, improved slip-resistance, and good cleaning properties.

Decorative flooring systems

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Article No. 636101

Transparent priming and mortar resin

Article No. 680211

Tough coating

Article No. 667411

Decorative coating

Article No. 142711

Transparent priming and mortar resin in systems subject to approval

Article No. 600101

Pigmented, water-based primer

Article No. 638101

Water-based, pigmented, silk-gloss sealant

Article No. 632111

Water-based, pigmented levelling layer and base coat

Article No. 363301

Transparent, silk matt sealant

Article No. 673503

Anti-slip, transparent sealant

Article No. 122413

Pigmented primer and base layer

Article No. 622710

Coloured flakes for fully broadcast blinding

Article No. 440525

Fire-dried quartz sand

Article No. 683110

Pigmented roller coating (high build coating)

Article No. 26000713

Fine Quartz Sand

Article No. 26001025

Coloured quartz sand

Article No. 26000825

Course Quartz Sand

Article No. 26001725

Natural quartz aggregate for blinding over epoxy primers

Article No. 26033011

2 Component, solvent free, self levelling polyurethane with good UV stability