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Electrostatic charging and discharging occur almost everywhere in everyday life. Even brief contact between two bodies creates an electrostatic charge, which can discharge again upon contact with another body. This phenomenon can damage electrostatically sensitive components, such as microelectronics. Often, even the smallest discharges are sufficient to cause malfunctions or complete failure of the components. However, this often occurs only when using the final product, which results in cost-intensive downtime or product recalls.

Meanwhile, explosive media or chemicals also pose a major problem, as they can cause fires, explosions or financial losses due to sparking.

Preventing such damage is an absolute priority, because the potential cost of this damage justifies any effort needed. The high-quality ESD and AS coatings from Remmers minimise these dangers significantly.

Safety-relevant ESD floor systems

For increased work safety around sensitive components

ESD stands for electrostatic discharge and is an issue in many industries, such as the automotive and supplier industry, the electronics and pharmaceutical industries, mechanical engineering and the aviation industry. The work performed here involves highly sensitive components, which are also called ESDS (electrostatic discharge sensitive). To ensure the quality of these delicate products, they must be protected from electrostatic discharges. During everyday life, people pick up electric charges and unwittingly discharge them into other objects. If a sensitive electronic component is touched, even discharges of just 50 or 100 volts are enough to cause permanent damage.

Such sensitive components are often handled in a so-called EPA (electrostatic protected area). In this case, the floor represents part of the equipment in an EPA. Nowadays, the issue of ESD requirements in conjunction with cleanrooms is becoming increasingly relevant too. After all, ESD floor coatings are used not just in highly sensitive protected areas, but also in workshops, warehouses and laboratories.

Every production facility and every industry is different, with varying requirements and particular challenges for the floor coating. The ESD flooring systems from Remmers can be flexibly adapted to the situation at hand. There’s an ideal solution for protecting sensitive components from electric discharge, whatever the challenges and requirements – be they slip resistance, chemical and mechanical resistance, abrasion resistance, sure footing or cleanability.

ESD flooring systems in action

Durable AS flooring systems

For maximum work safety around potentially explosive substances

AS stands for “antistatic”, but is often misinterpreted. The aim is to discharge generated charge into the ground, in particular to protect people and machines in buildings as well as the surrounding area from explosions and fires and to ensure a safe working environment. AS flooring systems are used where highly flammable and highly combustible liquids are handled, dusts or vapours are present in explosive concentrations, gases are generated, or explosives such as ammunition or pyrotechnics are processed and stored, to name just a few examples.

Typical areas where AS flooring systems are used include the chemical industry, laboratories and research facilities or printing plants. They are also used to ensure the highest level of occupational safety and explosion protection in water protection and in many areas of traditional industry where explosion-proof areas exist, since a static discharge can become a hazard and must be discharged into the ground.

Typical areas within a building are storage rooms, technical rooms, assembly and production halls or corridors. But it’s also possible to coat collecting basins with an AS system, for example.

It goes without saying that conductivity is a typical characteristic of AS flooring systems – but they also offer mechanical and chemical resistance, can be made slip-resistant, and are crack-bridging and very resistant to abrasion. On top of this, they’re also easy to clean. In each individual case, the right system can be configured and applied.

Floor fitters: let Remmers work for you

As an installer of ESD and AS systems, you can benefit from the extensive and practical Remmers product portfolio. Thanks to the good conductive properties of the transverse conducting layer, copper stranded wires no longer have to be applied as an elaborate grid, but can usually be attached to the earthing points. What this means for you:

  • easy application
  • lower likelihood of errors
  • time and material savings.

With Remmers at your side as a partner, you can always be sure of receiving the best advice. With our wealth of information and decades of expertise, we are on hand to answer any questions you may have about your specific projects. Thanks to expert advice from

  • Remmers Professional Planning
  • the Bernhard Remmers Institute for Analytics
  • the Bernhard Remmers Academy
  • and experts from Key Account Management,

you will receive all the support you need to make your project a success.

Discover the ESD and AS systems in detail

Our comprehensive brochure on the ESD and AS floor coating systems gives you an even deeper insight into the properties, structure and application of these systems. With this detailed and informative document, you’ll soon learn all there is to know about the products.

A good investment every time – ESD and AS flooring from Remmers

Microelectronic components can have their function impaired or destroyed by even the smallest discharges. Malfunctions or complete failure often occur only when using the final product. This results in cost-intensive downtime or product recalls. Preventing ESD damage is an absolute priority, because the costs associated with this damage can be significant and justify any effort needed to implement protective measures. In ESD protected areas, the flooring has an important role to play. Selecting the right flooring can significantly reduce problems due to electrostatic charge and discharge.

A good investment every time – ESD and AS flooring from Remmers

High-quality ESD and AS flooring from Remmers

The high-quality ESD and AS floor coatings from Remmers are the safe way to dissipate voltage. They prevent the electrostatic charging of persons and machinery.

All the advantages of ESD and AS flooring at a glance:

  • Individual system solutions for every application
  • Safety and durability
  • High mechanical resistance
  • Quick and easy to install with no joints
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Can be made slip-resistant
  • Excellent cleaning properties
  • Physiologically safe once fully cured, free of nonylphenols and low in emissions
  • Individual colour options

Measuring protocol

In order to provide you with the greatest possible level of support, we have created a measuring protocol template for you to download. Simply click the button to view and download the document.

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Cleaning and maintenance instructions

Proper and regular maintenance protects the floor system and ensures that its value is maintained for a long time. This is essential in ESD and AS areas in particular, because dirt and dust have an insulating effect and prevent the floor from carrying out its essential task of dissipating charges into the ground. Click the button to download our cleaning and maintenance instructions tailored specifically to ESD and AS flooring.

Download here

Discover the ESD and AS systems in detail

Our comprehensive brochure on the AS and ESD floor coating systems will help you to find the right system for your project.
With this detailed and informative document, you’ll soon learn all there is to know about the products and have all the tools you need for a consultation with our experts.