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‘iQ-Lator’ application software for professionals

Stationary calculations acc. To DIN 4108-3

iQ-LATOR 2.0 is an innovative program for hygrothermic calculation, optimization and is used to verify multi-layer, outside wall constructions, in particular for capillary-active materials. It allows stationary calculations of multi-layer, one-dimensional constructions (walls, roofs, etc.) acc. to DIN 4108-3. In contrast to the traditional Glaser method, the calculation algorithm that is integrated in the iQ-laboratory also takes the transportation of liquid water into the account.

News at a glance for version 2.0

  • Heat flux directions can be selected, resulting calculation parameters are automatically pre-set
  • Simple clear surfaces
  • Bilingual setting possible, (German/English)
  • Broad-based material database
  • Company logos can be integrated
  • A new configuration dialogue allows many individual user, general and printing settings to be made
  • Underlying climate conditions for different norms can be selected (DIN 4108-2 thermal protection, DIN 4108-8 Mould, DIN EN ISO 6949 for energy certificates (internationally valid))
  • Output data possible according to different norms 4108-2 (2013 / 2014)
  • Heat transfer resistance for cavity walls are calculated
  • iQ-Lator supports Mac and Windows operating systems