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Prefabricated house industry

Trends and forward-thinking colour designs

Our ambition is your added value!

In the prefabricated house architecture field in particular, selecting the correct colour of e.g. windows, doors and wood profile surfaces, is very important, because they need to maintain their colour for a much longer time than, for instance fashion trends, and also, conscious colour design is a decisive sales argument.

The colour of various construction elements has a huge impact on the architectural appearance, and also the mood. Colours range from light to dark, active and passive, and warm and cold.

This is why when selecting the colour for the main carrier material ‘wood’, the colour design plays a central role in your performance descriptions for your building owners.

It is precisely these many facets of colour design that we want to make available to you to actively help you design the living spaces of your building owners, so that your customers feel safe and sheltered in their own homes.

Trends and future-oriented colour designs, coordinated and finely dosed to the possibilities of your architecture of prefabricated houses, are specific sales-promoting measures, without compromising on the quality and longevity of our products.

We will be happy to collaborate closely and innovatively with you, your architects and designers when selecting the colours of your collection and coordinating these with your respective supplier to ensure perfect colour consistency on your objects.

Wherever non-dimensionally stable, partially dimensionally stable and dimensionally stable structural components made of different wood types and application procedures require closely coordinated system components and unambiguous documentation that we will draw up for you to guarantee perfect interaction of industrial and manual coating systems.

We ensure the compliance of your exclusive colour collection in you company also the company of your respective supplier by means of intensive on-site supervision, induction and permanent review of the product processes.

The continuous dialogue between you and your suppliers is a decisive criterion for us at Remmers because it means we cannot simply sit back on the state of the art, but are forced adopt and implement new directions and trends quickly to ensure your complete satisfaction and also that of your building owners.

Be it a part of a load bearing component, through to painting qualities for your building owners, training for all relevant areas and continuous further developments in our laboratories, we provide you with the innovative and individual support that only a family company is able to provide.