rcc heritage buildings

Great care and deliberation during the concept phase

Baudenkmale erfordern maßgeschneiderte Lösungen. Fehler können womöglich den Verlust unwiederbringlicher Kulturgüter nach sich ziehen. Daher sind größte Sorgfalt und Gewissenhaftigkeit bei der Konzeption und bei der Auswahl von Produkten ein absolutes Muss. Grundlage ist das Verstehen der unterschiedlichen Ansätze in der Denkmalpflege: Wiederherstellen oder Konservieren?

Benefits and added values

Efficiency: Are you an owner or investor of a valuable heritage building? We help you to cope with the balancing act between monument-related goals and efficiency objectives.

Transformation: Plans are only as good as the quality of the work that is carried out. We accompany and support the executing companies throughout the entire process.

Indemnity: We accept responsibilities for the details. We secure your overall planning thanks to our specialist planning department.

Responsibility: Solutions are developed in a dialogue. We have learned how to preserve monuments over the decades. We chair discussions, set joint goals and search for integrated accepted procedures.

Competence from one source

We provide specialist planning services for the specific project in connection with the respective expert planning office. In this way, cross-linked specialist know-how allows bespoke overall solutions.

  • Brick walls
  • Base seal and repairs
  • Indoor and outdoor rendering
  • Coats indoors and outdoors
  • Water proofing and drain
  • Natural stone façades
  • Restabilisation and load bearing capacity increase
  • Interior cleaning
  • Historical roof tiles
  • Historical wood construction
  • Crack repairs
  • Decorative parts made of natural stone or stucco

Funding options

Financial aid from the state is available to repair and restore listed buildings. The measures are generally very complex and need to be precisely coordinated with monument preservation plans and the supporting public authorities. Most of the funding is provided by the states. Other funds can be provided by the communes, churches or foundations. Privately owned monuments can also apply for tax relief on their financial burden.

Anyone who would like to apply for funding, must contact the responsible State Office for the Protection of Monuments via the local councils or authorities who then usually make contact with the State Office for the Protection of Monuments (State ministry and/or senate administration).