RSG façade

Façades with 10 years protection against driving rain

Against moisture and driving rain

Safe protection for your façade

There is no universal recipe for protecting and repairing façades. Different building materials are exposed to different environmental influences. This is why the Funcosil product systems by Remmers offer the right system solution for every façade problem.

There is also a 10-year guarantee on Remmers products that are applied by a certified RSG specialist company.



Secure and sustainable protection against moisture

Façades with exposed brickwork made of bricks, KS stone, plaster or natural stone have no inherent moisture protection. In driving rain they can absorb enormous amounts of water through their capillaries like a sponge.

The consequences:

  • Things get uncomfortable in the building
  • Heating costs increase
  • The façade gradually becomes green
  • The destruction process starts in the winter as a result of frost wedging
This comparatively simple step, hydrophobizing impregnation, that makes the exposed masonry water repellent, is the only right answer for many damaging mechanisms. This protects your façade from damage and also helps you save important energy at the same time. The core product is the innovative Funcosil façade cream, which has a creamy consistency, and new application benefits and improved impregnation properties for all porous mineral building materials with macro or capillary pores.

Brick grout pointing

Joints and façades that are protected against driving rain

Did you know that 20% of a brick façade is made up of the joint network? If this starts to crumble, driving rain has free access to the wall and things start to get uncomfortable inside when the moisture rises by up to 50%. The Funcosil brick grout pointing is a rational procedure to make brick façades permanently resistant to driving rain that works similarly to the grouting that is applied after tiling and turns your brick façade into a water-repellent surface. It primarily comprises two elements: renewal of the joints by applying a hydraulic curing joint material and the application of a water-repelling coating with hydrophobizing agents to the façade.

The result is astounding:

  • Joints and bricks that are flush with the surfaces, without any edges
  • Positive-fitting restoration of all joints as the water-repellent zone goes deep into the masonry.
  • Improved heat insulation of the dry façade
  • Time and cost savings - up to 25% compared to manual pointing


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