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RSG sealing

Cellar and base seal in new and old buildings

Building waterproofing in Remmers quality

High-quality living space in the cellar can only be realised in old buildings or new buildings, if permanent protection against moisture is guaranteed. To this end, high product quality and flawless processing of those parts of the water proofing that have contact with the ground is essential.

The Remmers System Guarantee RSG gives you both. Please contact our sales team for futher information and criteria requirements.

Certified quality

To guarantee the performance of the Remmers sealing systems in the long-term, they are regularly put through their paces by reputed institutions, who in a complex procedure, test the effectiveness, longevity and processing ease against strict regulations.

Permanently dry

Nobody wants to see a cellar below a new building becoming damp after just a few years! We guarantee that your cellar stays dry so it can be used as a high-quality space and we also ensure that there is no damage to the base of the building. So you have no problems!

Various solutions

We have the solution for various application fields. We supply products for base waterproofing, just like for the cellar. We also have solutions for old buildings that are of the same quality as new buildings. If you do not want to or cannot expose the cellar from outside, you can waterproof it from inside.

More competence

At regular and high-quality training courses and thanks to the continuous transfer of know-how, RSG partners receive the know-how they need to guarantee high-quality waterproofing of new buildings. This means that the RSG seal is a quality mark for the perfect planning and use of Remmers system elements. Your benefit: Absolute security, signed, sealed and guaranteed.

More quality

We use Remmers MB 2K, the top building waterproofing innovation for our projects. The high-performance product ensures that the waterproofing is highly durable and keeps cellars and walls permanently dry. With this all-in-one seal you can always be sure that: Your house will be sealed securely, for a long time.

More security

In addition to your statutory guarantee entitlement of 5 years (BGB contract) and/or 4 years (VOB/B contract), we also provide an additional 5 or 6 years guarantee on the applied system. The RSG* is a documented quality promise. Also, we will advise and support you for the entire guarantee period. More security for your home.


The genius building waterproofing for dry walls and cellars

Remmers MB 2K always offers protection!

MB 2K - the innovative, bitumen-free reactive waterproofing by Remmers offers a series of additional benefits. This high-performance product is unbeatably flexible, and thanks to its resistance to UV, frost and dew, and its enormous adhesive pull strength, it ensures dry cellars and walls. The reactive binding agent system has been developed so that, regardless of the weather, it is able to dry quickly, to completely cross-link and react extremely quickly with the rubber granulate additives. This save times and money on your construction site.

Waterproofing with a guarantee in new and old buildings

Guarantee conditions RSG waterproofing