Impregnations Induline©


For highly durable wood windows

Induline impregnations offer protection against wood staining and wood-destroying fungi and, if necessary against insect and termite infestation. Also, they protect the most sensitive parts of the wood window, especially when applied to the individual parts. Protection of the end-grain woods and therefore the corner connections against moisture. This protection is a basic prerequisite for a durable wood window.

Customer benefits in detail:

  • Watering effect: the subsurface is saturated and the creation of stains is minimised with coloured primers; sanding effort is also reduced because the wood fibres stand up.
  • Protection of the corner connections / end-grain woods against moisture as the most important prerequisite for durable construction elements
  • Protection against damage by wood-destroying and wood staining fungi
  • Protection against insects and termites
  • Tested effectiveness with practical application quantities


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Article No. 377605

Water-based impregnation agent for protection against soft rot and blue stain

Article No. 378120

Water-based impregnation agent for protection against soft rot, blue stain, insects and termites

Article No. 378605

Water-based, clear impregnation, primer and sanding primer