Intermediate coats

For safety and efficiency in the layer structure

Induline intermediate coats are applied industrially in flooding or dynflow applications and make the coating process extremely rational. Also, optimum moisture protection is ensured for the wood elements because the coatings reliably reach all areas of the wooden part that needs to be painted. There are spray grades for very good insulating effect available for professional applications, for house doors and for problematic wood.
There are now even transparent solutions that also guarantee a good insulating effect. These variants can be used both as a glaze or opaque top coat. No time-consuming retooling necessary.

Customer benefits in detail:

  • High efficiency and very good moisture protection thanks to flooding and dynflow application

  • Best possible insulation effect: Induline spray qualities for problematic wood
  • Minimisation of the retooling effort thanks to insulating transparent Induline intermediate coats for opaque and glazing coating structures
  • Optimum pore filling and welling of hard woods: for very aesthetic surfaces

Intermediate coats

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Article No. 163320

Water-based, transparent sealing filler for flow coating and dipping

Article No. 345305

Transparent, water-based sealing filler for spraying

Article No. 163620

Water-based, transparent sealing filler for spraying methods

Article No. 390005

Opaque, water-based sealing filler for spraying

Article No. 791805

Water-based, opaque sealing primer and intermediate coat for spray application

Article No. 345105

Water-based surface protection for decking boards

Article No. 165620

Water-based, all-in-one coating system with insulating effect for dimensionally stable building elements

Article No. 364720

Opaque, water-based primer and intermediate coating for spray application