3in1 wood preservation stains for exterior use

Save time and money

Ordinary wood stains available on the market, especially when used on softwood, must always be treated with wood-protecting impregnation or protection against fungi that discolor the wood.. If this is not done, the wood will tend to discolour to a non-repairable black/blue below the transparent stain. A primer ensures good adhesion with the subsequent wood stain because there is nothing worse than widespread flaking of the stain over time. The only remedy for this is time-consuming sanding. Remmers 3in1 glazes are compositions of a wood treatment, impregnation and protection stain all in one product. They give the wood a natural matt and breathable finish to protect the wood against moisture, UV radiation, pest infestation, nesting wasps, mould & algae. And the best thing: After a long standing time, during which the coating weathers evenly, the wood can usually be repainted without prior sanding to look as good as new - 3in1 stain by Remmers save time and money!


Why 3in1 stains by Remmers?

  • Treatment, impregnation and protection in one product
  • Fewer products and therefore less work
  • Lower material costs per m²
  • Tested wood preservation
  • Can be coated without prior sanding

3in1 wood preservation stains for exterior use

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Article No. 4200225001

Solvent-based premium wood preservative stain with excellent moisture protection for exterior wood

Article No. 4200225701

Decorative, solvent-based premium grey stain for exterior use