Stains, paints and other wood coatings for brush application

Remmers premium quality for almost every application

Wood coatings for interior and exterior use are part of the extensive Remmers range. All products & product systems were originally developed for timber trades and meet all professional standards with respect to processing ease and durability.

The 3in1 wood stains from Remmes are a preservative, impregnation and protection all in one product. For the user this means less products in fact only one: less effort, lower material costs per m², and all this with a tested and approved wood preservation agent.

Very valuable wood components, like profiled wood, garden furniture, and windows & doors can be protected most effectively with weather protection paints. The creative options afforded by the opaque coatings for wood and other subsurfaces, both indoors and outdoors, are almost unlimited.

Ecological products play a central role, especially indoors. In particular, Remmers [eco] products are marked with renowned quality seals. This documents that the coatings are particularly low-emission and safe for humans and the environment.


Extensive information about the latest know-how about wood and natural wood pests.
Protects wood against water and makes it durable. Profit from our expertise.

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Many Remmers products have been tested according to the standard DIN EN 71-3 – as one of several suitability criteria with respect to the content of hazardous substances in toys pursuant to the EU Toy Guideline (2009/48/EC).

Our products are of exceptional quality, absolute precision and have been developed to 100 % by our own company. For this reason they bear the quality mark ‘Made in Germany’.

Tested safety

Test symbols that guarantee the quality of our products

Responsible handling of humans and nature is a central topic for Remmers. We therefore attach great importance to ensuring that our products meet the highest requirements of renowned testing institutes. The best quality - tested and confirmed independently. We do not only claim that our products and [eco] products have been reliably tested, we also prove this by means of numerous, independent certifications. This differentiates us from many other suppliers. Promised!

Lots of product solutions by Remmers completely meet the requirements of the AgBB with respect to emissions by construction products. This was confirmed by external tests.

Remmers [eco] products that could come into direct contact with food in their application scope meet food safety requirements.

Correspondingly identified Remmers [eco] wood coatings do not contain any raw materials of animal origin.

Stains, paints & other wood coatings

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Article No. 4200271401

Wood preservative primer in cream form for softwood

Article No. 4200225001

Solvent-based premium wood preservative stain with excellent moisture protection for exterior wood

Article No. 4200225701

Decorative, solvent-based premium grey stain for exterior use

Article No. 4200223401

Decorative, solvent-based medium-solid stain with very high UV protection, universal for exterior wood

Article No. 4200264501

Solvent-based, decorative oil for wooden decking & garden furniture

Article No. 4200208701

Solvent-based oil for terraces, fences and other building elements made of WPC, Resysta and bamboo

Article No. 4200150401

Special primer for lightening weathered and greyed woods

Article No. 4200767001

Water-based stain made from renewable raw materials for use on interior and exterior wood

Article No. 4200240001

Wax stain made from natural resin and linseed oil

Article No. 4200769001

Water-emulsified oil made from renewable materials for wood terraces and garden furniture

Article No. 4200190001

Moisture protection for cut surfaces

Article No. 4200344001

Water-based special coating to prevent bleeding of substances in wood

Article No. 4200542001

Adhesive primer for metals, rigid PVC & wood that protects against rust and seals off substances in the wood

Article No. 4200360001

Highly opaque, water-based weather protection paint

Article No. 4200765101

Water-based opaque finish made from renewable raw materials for use on interior and exterior wood

Article No. 4200270501

Solvent-based, opaquely pigmented alkyd resin coating for primer, intermediate and finishing coats

Article No. 131783

Primer and finish with corrosion protection: direct application onto iron, steel & wood

Article No. 4200239001

Water-based sealing varnish for application with paintbrush and roller