High-performance 1K-Aqua paints

No hardener, no thinner, no pot life, no scrap

It is often possible to complete many tasks using the very high-performance 1K-Aqua paints by Remmers.

One-component Aqua paints offer a number of advantages for the user. They are much better for the environment and easier to handle. Remmers concentrates in developing high-performance 1K-Aqua paints for furniture and interior decoration.

Simple, error-free handling
Simple handling and high resistance to household chemicals and mechanical loads make our 1K Aqua paints real high-performance products.

No expensive material residues as a result of pot lives
Remmers 1K-Aqua paints are more environmentally-compatible than solvent-based systems. They do not need a hardener that has a positive effect on the drying time. Also, there is no scrap due to pot life residues. This means that 1K water laquers also boost efficiency.

Time for the new generation

Discover innovative products and system solutions by Remmers.
The high-performance on-component Aqua paints for carpenters.

Aqua SL-418 finish

As durable as a 2K-paint: for transparent paintwork
and for applying colour paints

- Primer and top coats for woods for living room and bedroom furniture, interior decorating, shop fitting and trade fair stands
- Top coat for Aqua colour paints (light-fast/no inherent colour)
- Sprayable water laquer for flow properties (no milky wet film)
- Good block resistance
- Elegant pore pattern and beautiful firing
- Chemical resistance: DIN 68861, 1B
- Surfaces tend not to shine
- Pleasant haptics

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Aqua CL-445/30-Colour paint 4in1

It couldn't be more simple: innovative 1K colour paint with the
functions - filler, opaque lacquer and top coat

- For wood and wood construction materials used for furniture interior decorating, shop fitting and trade fair stands
- One-component: simple and economic handling
- Insulation, filler, colour paint and top coat – one product for the entire structure
- Very good adhesion even on priming films
- Good chemical resistance
- Fast drying
- High coverage
- High resistance in a metal ring test
- Good flow properties
- Light fast

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Stair paint with 1K-Aqua paints

The new generation of the stair paint Aqua TL-412 is completely designed for one-component processing and does not require a hardener component for high resistance to wear and conventional hand creams. The special composition of high-quality acrylate and polyurethane binding agents withstands all usual loads and ensures the durability of the surfaces of handrails and stair steps. Due to the high percentage of solids, top surfaces are achieved after two coats.

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Glass painting with 1K-Aqua paints

One paint, two application areas: highly resistant
Glass paints with 1k Aqua furniture paints

  • Highly-resistant glass paints with existing furniture paint range
    + Aqua VGA-485 wetting agent & glass paint additive
  • Suitable for Aqua TL-412 and Aqua CL-440
  • Versatile use: e.g. In bathrooms & kitchens
  • Two products do not need to be stored
  • One paint for wood and glass!
  • Optimum (wet) adhesion of the glass paints
  • No pot life (after 8h the paint has ‘1K properties’ again)
  • Light fast

1K Aqua paints

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Article No. 382120

Extremely fast-drying, clear, single-component finish

Article No. 237505

Clear, single-component sealing varnish for application by roller

Article No. 326505

Single-component, easy-to-sand pigment filler with low flammability and indoor air cleaning effect - with Aqua VGA-485 as sealing filler

Article No. 321705

Highly pigmented, single-component filler with excellent sealing effect, especially for wood rich in active substances

Article No. 380201

Fire-resistant, light-fast, durable 1K colour varnish

Article No. 124520

Abrasion-resistant, single-component finish

Article No. 237205

Abrasion-resistant 1K finish with a high solids content

Article No. 314601

1-component, multi-layer colour varnish for use as sealing layer, filler, coloured coating and topcoat

Article No. 530905

Clear, single-component finish for a natural wood look with high durability

Article No. 531005

Transparent, single-component finish with high durability