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Water based paints

High-performance and environment-friendly

Thanks to the Remmers water based paints, producers in the carpentry trade and specialist companies that focus on series coating of wood and wood construction materials have access to a full range of water-based paints as a real alternative to previous solvent-based 2K interior varnishes.

Remmers water based paints - for the environment's sake

Deco Paint Directive
The legislator wants to realise a shift toward water-based paints and the Deco Paint Directive limits the allowed percentages of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in paints. Aqua paints have many benefits – also independently of the positive environmental effects due to the legislation:

  • Fast drying
  • Work equipment can be cleaned with water
  • Few odours during production in the company and close to the company (e.g. in adjacent residential areas)
  • Less risk potential in the event of fire than solvent-based paints (e.g. storage, buzz word: insurance premium sum)
No need to worry about bad air
The health and well-being when staying in buildings are affected on the one hand by the room-climate conditions, and also be possible soiling of the indoor air. Remmers arranged for selected product systems to be tested based on the evaluation scheme specified by the by the Committee for the Health-related Evaluation of Building Products (AgBB). The requirements with respect to emissions from volatile organic compounds (VOCs) were far outreached for the tested systems.

Additives for functional surfaces

Your personal paint factory

The requirements for surface coatings differ depending on the application case. Using additives means that it is possible to set the paint coats to the optimum so that they fulfil the required function.

Broad range of additives
The Remmers range includes additives for ‘on-site dosing’ and for impressive functions:

  • UMA-824-Metal adhesion additive
    Improves adhesion of the paint to various metals. Highly suitable for steel and aluminium.
  • ULM-822-Universal light stabiliser
    Special UV absorber composition for optimum protection of light-coloured woods (e.g. Maple, ash and European spruce) against yellowing.
  • + Aqua VGA-485 wetting agent & glass paint additive
    Optimises the chemical and hand cream resistance especially against colouring substances and cleaning agents. Also improves the adhesion on glass surfaces, especially when wet.
  • SM-820 structure agent
    Lends paints a rough feel and improves the non-slip properties
    (e.g. on floors and stairs).
  • Aqua MM-825 matting agent
    Reduces the level of shine of water-based coating materials.


Aqua paints

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Article No. 382120

Extremely fast-drying, clear, single-component finish

Article No. 387205

Light-fast, two-component clear topcoat for high-gloss varnishes

Article No. 237505

Clear, single-component sealing varnish for application by roller

Article No. 326505

Single-component, easy-to-sand pigment filler with low flammability and indoor air cleaning effect - with Aqua VGA-485 as sealing filler

Article No. 321705

Highly pigmented, single-component filler with excellent sealing effect, especially for wood rich in active substances

Article No. 380201

Fire-resistant, light-fast, durable 1K colour varnish

Article No. 380684

Isocyanate for hardening Aqua varnishes

Article No. 325684

Improves the resistance and adhesion to glass of selected 1K Aqua lacquers

Article No. 193901

Retarder to improve flow

Article No. 387501

Matting paste for water-based coating materials

Article No. 194201

Additive for producing textured coatings

Article No. 324984

Additive for improving the adhesion of selected coatings on selected metals