Wood protection and preservation

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Prevention is easier than curing: To prevent infestation by wood-destroying insects or fungi in the long-term, Remmers offers effective wood preserving agents that have proven their worth for decades.

Wood protection and preservation

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Article No. 714501

Liquid, water-based wood preservative with preventive action against blue stain, soft rot, insects and termites

Article No. 210005

Liquid preservative concentrate for preventing dry rot in masonry work

Article No. 211103

Water-based wood preservative; free of heavy metals and ready to use

Article No. 221330

Water-based wood preservative for infestation control with long-lasting results

Article No. 205904

Article No. 316101

2K solvent-free wood strengthener on an epoxy resin base

Article No. 316203

Two-component, solvent-free levelling compound

Article No. 237901

One-component PU-based wood strengthener and pollutant fixative

Article No. 377784

Protective agent for end-grain wood on a water base

Article No. 205901

Liquid, solvent-based wood preserving agent with control action for use by professionals

Article No. 238605

Solvent-free resin component for reconstructing interior and exterior wood