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Wood refurbishment

Reconstruction of destroyed wood and restoration of wood contaminated with pollutants

Remmers Wood Strengtheners and Wood Replacement Compounds offer the possibility of stabilising and restoring wooden components that have been damaged by insect or fungal attack. Areas of application are particularly focused for listed buildings. Wood containing pollutants such as PCP or lindane, for example, can be effectively masked with an independently tested system: For this purpose, the first step is to fix the pollutant within the wood, then secondly, completely seal it off so that it can no longer get into the air.


Wood consolidation and replacement

If wooden components destroyed by insects or fungi cannot be ablated then strengthened, the strength of the attacked substance can be increased again by treatment with Remmers Wood Strengthener.

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Restoration of wood surfaces contaminated with pcp and lindane

General processing instructions

Learn more about the general processing instructions for restoring PCP and lindane.

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Wood Renovation

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Article No. 315281

Special liquid bleaching agent to combat wood discolouration

Article No. 316101

2K solvent-free wood strengthener on an epoxy resin base

Article No. 316203

Two-component, solvent-free levelling compound

Article No. 377784

Protective agent for end-grain wood on a water base

Article No. 237901

One-component PU-based wood strengthener and pollutant fixative

Article No. 238605

Solvent-free resin component for reconstructing interior and exterior wood