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Wood consolidation

Restoration of wooden structures

If wooden components destroyed by insects or fungi cannot be ablated and then strengthened, the strength of the attacked substance can be increased again by treatment with Remmers Wood Strengthener. To do this, the cleaned surface is repeatedly coated with the agent until saturated. If, on the other hand, it is necessary to restore the former compressive strength of ablated building components (e.g. base points of stands, supports) or to restore the original dimensions (as in the area of monument protection), the removed wood substance can be replaced with Remmers Wood Replacement Compounds.


In order to achieve better adhesion, when using epoxy wood replacement compound, a pre-treatment with epoxy wood consolidation is imperative. The colour can then be matched with suitable Remmers wood coatings.

Renovation of wood components

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Article No. 316101

2K solvent-free wood strengthener on an epoxy resin base

Article No. 316203

Two-component, solvent-free levelling compound

Article No. 237901

One-component PU-based wood strengthener and pollutant fixative

Article No. 238605

Solvent-free resin component for reconstructing interior and exterior wood