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No renovation coatings needed for 10 years thanks to the system guarantee by Remmers

Cosy. Natural. Sustainable.

Wood in all its facets

Windows and doors lend buildings a face. They are not just the interface to the outside world that they let sunlight in and keep warmth inside the building, they are also the building’s calling card and a style element.

This is why choosing the right building elements and materials is often difficult. Read here to find out more about wooden windows and doors, and you will see that: Windows made of natural wood are always a good choice.

Pleasant room climate

The natural character of wood cannot be replaced with decorative films or style duplicates. Because wood can do so much more: It transfers little heat and regulates the humidity. This generates a pleasant feel-good climate in the room.

Wooden windows help you save

Hard to believe, but it’s true: A 1 cm thick plank insulates just as well as a brick wall that is 10 cm thick. This is why wooden windows are also suitable for passive buildings. Wooden windows save energy and are also kind to your purse.

Sustainable and economic

Palaces, castles and listed buildings - they all tend to have wooden windows and doors that have lasted generations. This is why there are public subsidies and grants for this.


Excellent quality for durable wooden windows and doors

Induline Premium-Coatings

Remmers’ Induline Premium-Coatings have set standards for surface technologies for durable wooden windows and doors. Impregnations, primers, intermediate & top coatings - glazing and covering: the Induline series covers all product solutions for permanently protected doors and windows. The wood is not only permanently protected against weathering, Induline coating systems also ensure longer maintenance intervals. This means there is no need for re-coating for at least 10 years!

Benefits of the Induline systems

  • Protect the wood permanently against weathering
  • Based on state-of-the-art raw materials
  • Are used successfully throughout Europe
  • Available in numerous standard colours
  • Can also be produced in special colours

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For permanently beautiful windows and doors

RSG care advice in the guide

You have opted for a wooden window or a building door. The charm of this feel-good natural material will grab you and not let you go. Opting for this product is not only an ecologically sound choice, it also fulfils the need for a natural look and cosy feel at home.

Despite this extraordinary protection afforded by the Induline Premium coating, your windows will still welcome a little care over the years. This is not any more complicated than using polish on furniture. Applying the care balsam after cleaning the windows creates a protective layer that keeps the wooden frame fit. As the wooden windows do not build up an electrostatic charge, the next rainfall will wash away the deposited dust. Every 2 years the painted parts need to be maintained.

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Cleaning & care is only necessary every 2 years

The Remmers cleaner and care balsam only need to be applied every 2 years (both are available in the Remmers Care Set) to ensure the beauty and protection of your wooden windows and doors for more than 10 years.

Annual inspection

Check your windows and doors closely once a year. Check all seals and surfaces. Oil all hinges and moving parts, and readjust.

For more information about correct care, please refer to our RSG Guide. This will help you clarify any problems quickly and transparently.

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No renovation coatings for 10 years