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Sustainable products

How [eco]-friendly are you?

Treating mankind and nature is very important to us. We therefore attach great importance to ensuring that our products meet the strict requirements of renowned testing institutes. We keep our promise and ensure that the excellent quality of our products is tested and verified independently.

Without exception, all the products in our new ECO range are oriented on sustainability principles that take the entire product cycle into account - from the development, production, packaging, logistics, use of treated structural components through to disposal. In true Remmers fashion, all newly developed products guarantee excellent finishing and results in uncompromising quality.

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Make clever decisions. Live sustainably.

The new retail product range [eco]

Remmers demonstrates that sustainability is more than just a buzz word and more a symbol for responsibility towards the environment, health living and quality of life with its new low-emission [eco] products. [eco] stands for low-emission and ecologically brilliant solutions, be it for wood used indoors or on the patio. Solution of the highest technical quality.

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Preserve resources thanks to biomass balancing

Induline LW-722 [eco]

What could be better than renewable raw materials when applying coatings to renewable materials?

Induline LW-722 [eco] is based on a biomass-balanced binding agent which was produced completely with renewable raw materials that replaced fossil raw materials like petroleum, and also created fewer greenhouse emissions.

Remmers’ Induline LW-722 [eco] guarantees sustainability in proven Remmers quality. Because the new technology does not need to compromise on quality compared to conventional coating systems. Induline LW-722 [eco] has excellent environmental properties that also contribute to a healthy living climate.

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Mould restoration based on the [eco] principle

Power Protect [eco]

Remmers Power Protect is a complete system for ecologically and economically sustainable mould restoration. Thanks to the unique composition of innovative mould restoration boards, the entire system ensures efficient humidity regulation and therefore a pleasant room climate and protection against mould.

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