Glass coatings

Simple and inexpensive possibility of enhancing glass

Glass as a design element for furniture, interior decoration and shop fittings is growing in popularity. However, conventional effect glass is expensive and is not always the most ideal solution due to the available lot sizes. Remmers glass painting systems are an inexpensive and easy way to turn glass into a style element.

Remmers glass additives make glass paint from furniture paint

Anyone sitting in a glass house shouldn’t throw stones, but they can use the glass additives by Remmers. This allows all glass surfaces throughout the home, for instance kitchen cabinets, style elements, door panes or shower cabins to be turned into stylish and effective parts.
The special advantage: Remmers glass additives are combined with the Remmers furniture paints. There is no need to use special glass paints, a single inexpensive solution for wood and glass is all that is needed. The additives ensure good wet adhesion of the furniture paint on the glass and also for improved resistance to water, chemicals, cleaning agents and hand creams.

Glass painting

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Article No. 197501

Lightfast isocyanate for hardening PUR varnishes

Article No. 387601

Fire-resistant, light-fast, durable 1K colour varnish

Article No. 325684

Improves the resistance and adhesion to glass of selected 1K Aqua lacquers

Article No. 194201

Additive for producing textured coatings

Article No. 180101

Flame-resistant, light-fast, two-component colour varnish with excellent hiding power

Article No. 200505

Low-flammability 2K finish, especially suited to use in public facilities

Article No. 531005

Transparent, single-component finish with high durability