Interior cleaning

Arte Mundit - natural rubber that can be spread or sprayed for water-free cleaning

Today, the only indoor cleaning technique that makes sense and is reasonably priced is the use of EDTA packages. One development in the indoor cleaning field is the introduction of removable films to remove dust collected on the surface. The product developed by FTB-Remmers, Arte Mundit®, is based on a specially formulated natural latex dispersion.

Challenge Indoor cleaning

None of the current conventional cleaning systems are used to clean indoor areas because either too much water is used or a large amount of dust is produced. The only cleaning method that would be suitable is to use a laser, however this is too expensive for routine cleaning of large surfaces.

Arte Mundit-Peel-Off pastes that are based on a special latex dispersion fill this gap. The products have a natural origin and contain less than 1% water which evaporates quickly once applied to the wall. Arte Mundit polymerises on the surface that needs to be cleaned forming a dust-binding elastic film. Cleaning-reactive constituents are bound in the film and are removed together with the surface dirt when the film is peeled off.

Advantages of Arte Mundit

  • Self-activating with an in-depth effect
  • Odourless
  • Without solvents, environmentally appropriate
  • Dust-free cleaning without water, which means there is no discoloration and no salt migration
  • With a complexing additive, specially selected for the dirt
  • No special disposal regulations

Adapted to the subsurface and dirt type

There are several types of Arte Mundit available. They are selected based on the subsurface and dirt after sample areas have been created. Remmers Arte Mundit is generally suitable for all subsurfaces on walls, ceilings and floors (stucco, natural stone, marble, concrete, tiles, renders, gypsum, polished wood and synthetic materials).