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Wood paints & stains

Complete range for interior wood finishes

Product systems for tradtional and industrial finishing for interior wood - mainly by spray application. High-resistance, solvent-based PUR paints, environmentally friendly, high-performance water-based paints, oils & waxes, and stains for colouring wood.

Thanks to the Remmers water based paints, producers in the carpentry trade and specialist companies that focus on series coating of wood and wood construction materials have access to a full range of water-based paints as a real alternative to previous solvent-based 2K interior varnishes.

The two-component PUR coating system is designed for painting wood & wood construction materials used in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms, and in the fields of interior decoration, shop fitting & trade fair stands, and ship fitting. It also offers uncomplicated solutions for painting glass, various plastics and various metals.

Thanks to the highly-flexible stain concept by Remmers, the sky’s the limit when creating stain colours - thanks to the individual modular principle. With just 3-4 variously coloured basic stains that can be mixed together and, if necessary, can be brightened, you have the possibility of creating various colour nuances of wood stains to match your specific wood type.

Glass as a design element for furniture, interior decoration and shop fittings is growing in popularity. However, conventional effect glass is expensive and is not always the most ideal solution due to the available lot sizes. Remmers glass painting systems are an inexpensive and easy way to turn glass into a style element.

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Remmers wood competence centres

In our competence centres we have the opportunity with our customers to simulate all trade and industrial paint application procedures.

Competence centres? That’s right! As Remmers is not only competent in the wood-working field, but is also an important paint supplier to the European furniture industry thanks to its subsidiary Remmers Industrielacke GmbH, the Remmers Group has two competence centres. One that focuses on traditional methods and the second centre at the subsidiary ‘Remmers Industrial Paints’ for industrial application procedures.

In this way we can guarantee that we can offer all our customers, regardless of the size of the company, perfect technical support!

We grow together with our customers!

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Wood paints & stains

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Article No. 197501

Lightfast isocyanate for hardening PUR varnishes

Article No. 195502

Article No. 382120

Extremely fast-drying, clear, single-component finish

Article No. 387205

Light-fast, two-component clear topcoat for high-gloss varnishes

Article No. 237505

Clear, single-component sealing varnish for application by roller

Article No. 326505

Single-component, easy-to-sand pigment filler with low flammability and indoor air cleaning effect - with Aqua VGA-485 as sealing filler

Article No. 321705

Highly pigmented, single-component filler with excellent sealing effect, especially for wood rich in active substances

Article No. 380201

Fire-resistant, light-fast, durable 1K colour varnish

Article No. 380684

Isocyanate for hardening Aqua varnishes

Article No. 325684

Improves the resistance and adhesion to glass of selected 1K Aqua lacquers

Article No. 193901

Retarder to improve flow

Article No. 387501

Matting paste for water-based coating materials