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Mechanical cleaning

Micro-fine and sensitive cleaning for all substrates

The Remmers Rotec swirl blasting technique is a further development of the so-called ‘Jos’ method: the effectiveness of the cleaning has remained the same, however the nozzle wear is greatly reduced.

The Rotec Soft Whirl Jet

Thanks to a special ‘turbine’, the Rotec Soft Whirl Jet causes the blasting materials and any the water to rotate. When the rotating mixture of air, water and blasting agent hits the surface of the building material a tangentially abrasion effect is created. The blasting particles slide on the surface; they are not ‘shot’. The dirt is removed in an extraordinarily gentle process; i.e. dirt deposits can be gradually removed, and the cleaning level and intensity can be selected to suit requirements.

Typical subsurfaces are natural stone, render, bricks and concrete. Superficial dirt, but also incrustations, coatings and graffiti can be removed. This method is suitable for historically valuable surfaces and also ‘normal’ façades.

This spare part for the Rotec soft blasting method is suitable for dry, damp and wet cleaning. The cleaning level and the intensity are matched to the intensity of the soiling. One possible system product is the Rotec soft blasting unit 25l.

The Rotec glass powder is a synthetic soft-jet granulate specially designed for the Rotec cleaning procedure. It is suitable for almost all substrates, and sensitive and valuable restoration areas.

Mechanical cleaning

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